A gold elixir

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24K Sparkling Wine Brut

A jewellery to drink

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24k Scented Candle

A golden scented flame

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24K Gold Emotion Perfume

A magical scent with gold

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$97.00 Inc. GST
24K Sparkling Wine Brut
$149.00 Inc. GST
24k Sparkling Wine Rosé
$169.00 Inc. GST
24k Gold Cigar
$369.00 Inc. GST
24k Gold Emotion Perfume
$189.00 Inc. GST
24k Scented Candle
$49.00 Inc. GST
4 Scented Macaroon Soaps
$35.00 Inc. GST
Agave Lemon Tonic
$2.95$10.95 Inc. GST
Pink Citrus Tonic
$2.95$10.95 Inc. GST
Violet Blossom Tonic
$2.95$10.95 Inc. GST


“I discovered Gold Emotion Australia when searching for thank you presents for my 2019 clients. I ordered some of the gold flake sparkling wine & cigars and the feedback was amazing! The products are new to Australia which meant my clients hadn’t seen or tried the sparkling before which made it all the more exciting. The GOLD flakes in the sparkling wine are a great touch; perfect for weddings, engagements and other celebrations – We’ve added the products into our add-ons for events we host and they seem to have a lot of interest for events in 2020” – Kate

Sparkling Wine

“We absolutely loved the sparkling apple juice! My wife got a few bottles for our daughters 6 th birthday party as we are doing February booze free! Felt like we were drinking apple champagne and tastes wonderful! My daughter and her friends absolutely loved it too and were especially fascinated with the gold leaves!” – George and Geri

Apple Juice

“To me, smoking a cigar was something I did on a rare occasion, as a treat or for a celebration. Taking note of this, a business acquaintance of mine had a gift delivered to my office. A sophisticated box with a well-crafted cigar and an eye-catching point of difference… it was GOLD. It was also one of my favourites – a Cohiba! The fruity and dry oak notes were evident. In my opinion this is the perfect gift for clients and business associates. It exudes class and sophistication.” – George M.


“Gold Emotion was a new, exciting discovery. The perfume made a perfect present this year for female friends and family that like something a bit different and are generally hard to find presents for. They really appreciated it. We'll almost certainly use the Gold Emotion range for special business presents at the end of this year, too. A fantastic find!” – Branka


“I received the Gold Emotion candle as a birthday gift from one of my dear friends. The scent is amazing, and I loved how the gold stays on the wax while the candle is burning. It is the perfect present for someone who you consider special in your life.” – Sarah


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